Soil Improver, Growing Media, Aggregate & Mulch

This category establishes grading criteria for soil improvers, growing media, aggregates and mulch for agriculture and horticulture use in households and industries based on environmental, performance and health parameters. The below list attempts to define the materials covered under each sub category:

  1. Soil Improver/Conditioner/Amendment: biochar, bone meal, peat, coffee grounds, compost, straw, sulphur, lime, blood meal and sphagnum moss
  2. Growing Media (GM)/Substrates: glass, plastic, fibre, wood, waste paper, sludge, foam and coir, or mineral materials like rock wool, perlite and pumice
  3. Aggregate: concrete, plastics, rubber, minerals, rocks, pebbles, cobbles and rockery stone, boulders, quartz, gravel, granite, limestone, marble, slate, rock salt
  4. Mulch: bark chips, charcoal, recycled plastic sheets, rubber sheets, manure, compost   

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