Certification Procedure for Singapore Green Label

Step 1: Before You Apply

Contact the SGLS Secretariat to check if your product is within the SGLS scope of certification.


Step 2: Gathering Supporting Documents

If your product is deemed to be classified under an existing category and meets the assessment criteria, you will need to gather supporting documents stated in the criteria

  • All test reports should be from nationally accredited third-party test laboratory (SINGLAS accredited test labs in the case of Singapore).
  • All declaration letters required must be signed by the CEO/President/Managing Director or equivalent of the applicant company.
  • All manufacturing process documents must be dated and signed off by the technical person-in-charge of the manufacturer i.e. Technical Director/Manager


Step 3: Submitting a Formal Application

Once the test results have been attained and ALL results pass the requirements stated in the criteria, please login to your account to make an online application. Click here to register for a new account.

You will need to submit the following supporting documents:

  • A detailed description of your product and its composition along with its manufacturing process
  • Test reports from nationally accredited third-party test laboratories and supporting documents in accordance to the relevant SGLS product criteria / standards
  • Any other documentation as requested by the SGLS Secretariat
  • Product Photo

Note: Incomplete applications will not be processed.


Step 4: Review of application

The SGLS Secretariat will review your application and notify you on the outcome within 3-4 weeks. Alternatively, you can login to your Account or contact us for the application status. Please note that an invoice will be issued upon commencement of work. Should the applicant wish to expedite the application, the SGLS Secretariat offers optional services which come at an extra cost – Express (~3 working days) at additional $1,000 and Rapid (~7 working days) for an additional $500 on top of the certification fee of $3,500. Payment term is COD and payment must be made upon submission of the complete set of documents. Status of the completion of documents will be determined by the SGLS Secretariat.


Step 5: Awarding of the Singapore Green Label Certificate

On approval of the application, you will receive an email from the SGLS Secretariat.

Click on the button below when you are ready to begin the application.

Begin Singapore Green Label Application



Certification Procedure for Enhanced SGLS for Pulp and Paper Categories

To apply for the Enhance SGLS categories, please contact the SGLS Secretariat directly at 6337 6062 or